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Based at Colombier and La Chaux-de-Fonds Airports, we are commercially operating airplanes from 2006 with a current fleet of 9 aircraft. Mainly active in the Aerial Survey segment and over all Europe, The passenger commercial flights started in Aug 2019 under our Swiss AOC approvals and with our new King Air 350i. The company is currently running with 43 employees.

Thanks to an experienced and professional management and pilots team, SFS has wide-reaching expertise in the field of airplane transport. Our aim is to offer reliable and state of the art flying services to our local and regional population and industries. We target quality and proximity.

Two categories of services are offered : Touristic Flights – On request flights.

Our passengers flights are conducted under our Swiss AOC, with professional and well trained pilots (multi pilots operation). As part of our philosophy, all our pilots are full time employed by SFS.

Our fleet (Turbo Prop) is well suitable for about 600Km radius destination. Depending on customers needs and constraints, longer distance destination can be also interesting with our King Air 350i. We appreciate offering flying services that gives a real time saving and journey confort.